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Technical projecting

FŁT Polska Sp. z o.o. provides services in the area of calculating lifetimes of delivered FLT bearings, using software built by Romax Technology Co.

RomaxDesigner® is an advanced and comprehensive software that offers analysis of the entire drive transmission systems, gearboxes, bearings, clutches, synchronizers, and their components.

This software makes it possible to build a complete three-dimensional (3D) model containing all of its significant elements. As a result, we are able to analyze the forces, torques, and stresses, which are active within it, in a precise and prompt manner.

The RomaxDesigner® software makes it easier to:

  • calculate bearing life in gearboxes, reducers, shafts, final drives, mechanical vehicle wheels, and other drive transmission systems,
  • calculate the distribution of forces upon the particular rolling elements,
  • analyze the distribution of stresses in the particular rolling elements of a bearing,
  • analyze the influence of a bearing's internal clearance upon the rolling elements' loading,
  • analyze the influence of the rolling element profile modification upon bearing life,
  • analyze grease / oil type impact upon bearing life.
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